Tips for Cutting Negativity from Your Life

Tips for Cutting Negativity from Your Life A healthy person has to trim some things out of their life at times. Think about the attitude you want to have in your life. More than likely, you’d like to be a happy person who enjoys daily living. It’s important to make that a conscious decision, but [...]

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Tips to Help You Tighten Your Personal Boundaries

  Tips to Help You Tighten Your Personal Boundaries Just like a fence around our property, personal boundaries establish where we end and another person starts.  Boundaries are the physical, emotional and mental borders we build to safeguard ourselves from  being manipulated, used, or infringed by others. They allow us to establish our limits as [...]

The Space Between Us – Intimacy and Wellness

  Only through our connectedness to others can we really know and enhance the self. And only through working on the self can we begin to enhance our connectedness to others.” ≈ Harriet Goldhor Lerner   We are hardwired to connect. We need each other in order to survive. Even those of us who are introverts [...]

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How You Communicate | Communication for Connection | Wellness Inventory

  Communication involves the organization of feeling and thinking energies and transforming them into messages. It is a key component of the wellness inventory. Communicating is an energy output that allows us to share our internal experiences of reality with others. And I know that's a really deep thought - so just take a second [...]

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Porcupines Teach Us Balance in Relationships

Porcupines Teach Us Balance in Relationships Aren’t porcupines cute? What is it that we can learn from them? One of the things that porcupines can alert us to is that relationships are a complicated balancing act between closeness and distance. And it doesn't matter if we mean a love relationship, or a close friendship. Each must [...]

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Truth / Reveal Yourself on Valentine’s Day

Truth / Reveal Yourself on Valentine's Day Questions, Questions Questions Have you ever wondered just how well you know the people in your life, and just how well they know you? Emotional intimacy is about letting down the walls and letting ourselves be known. And letting ourselves be known is about the ability to share [...]

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Deal With Family Holiday Stress In Unique Ways

To Grandmother's House Deal With Family Holiday Stress In Unique Ways Family Holidays are wonderful. It fills us with warmth and love and reminds us of tradition. We look forward to being together with our loved ones and experiencing the joy of the season. Ok, having said all that, there can also be some family [...]

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Your Midlife Marriage | 3 Shades of Gray Divorce

Your Midlife Marriage | 3 Shades of Gray Divorce It is easy for us to get lulled by the mundane aspects of everyday that we don’t even notice subtle shifts in our world. Then abruptly everything can change and all we believed to be true, suddenly isn’t anymore. It feels like we suddenly woke up [...]

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Furious and Fuming | Your Relationship with Anger

Furious and Fuming | Your Relationship with Anger Have you ever been really angry? The answer is probably yes - we all get angry. Anger is a normal human emotion that we all experience. The classic definition of anger is a strong feeling of being upset or annoyed because you see something as wrong. The [...]

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