Now, It’s Your Time

Ines Roe, Certified Life CoachI’m Ines Roe, Ph.D., a psychologist who’s spent over 20 years helping women just like you. And the truth is, when I transitioned to midlife something was missing for me, too.

I had a good life but I knew something just didn’t seem right.

Instead of seeing myself as the leader of the orchestra of my life, I was in a supportive role to my spouse and living in the reflected glory of my family member’s achievements. It was a wonderful and rewarding role that I was proud to hold. But, at midlife I arrived at the decision that it I wanted to take center stage in my own life and pursue my dreams.

I decided to meet the challenge head-on and made changes in my life.
I refined what was important to me.
I defined who I wanted to be and where I want to go
I made myself open to the possibilities of what was out there for me.
I accepted the hard (and scary) work of listening to my inner voice.
I trusted it to guide me towards my life goals.

Are you ready to make a change?


My Midlife Crisis Review

If you are wondering why a psychologist who has achieved her Ph.D. would even suggest her life wasn’t complete, I thought we could do a little life review.

The truth is, as a military wife whose family moved often, I was over 40 years old before I finally got my Bachelor’s Degree and went on to complete a Master’s Degree. After practicing as a therapist for several years, I returned to school to complete a Ph.D.

I was 52 years old when I earned my doctorate.

So you see, anything is possible. You are never ‘too old’; it is never ‘too late.’ You simply need to set your sights on what you want to achieve in this life, and then move powerfully towards that goal.

And that’s exactly what my coaching will help you do.

Whether that change comes from inside you or whether the change has been thrust on you by outside circumstances – take charge of your life by making the decision to take the first step.

Getting a Ph.D. was my dream. It doesn’t have to be yours. Dreams can be big. Dreams can be small. Fulfilling your dream is a very personal endeavor – but you don’t have to do it alone.

I have always loved the saying:

“If you have built castles in the sky
Let not your dreams go to waste;
Just build the foundation under them.”

My coaching will help you build that foundation – whether your dreams are big or small – I will provide you the mortar for the foundation.

When I say that I work with women who want to rediscover themselves, remember that I am also that woman. I’ve been Dr. Ines Roe for almost a decade now – and I’ve never been happier.


Why Alta Vista Midlife Coaching

Why is it called Alta Vista? The name Alta Vista Coaching holds a strong meaning for me. Alta Vista is the Spanish word for “High View.” But it has a deeper meaning for me. I grew up in Mexico City. My address growing up was on a street named Alta Vista.

I now believe that name was prophetic, because I come to midlife crisis coaching with the goal of helping people reach the heights they desire and view the possibilities in their lives.

Get a little more acquainted with me by listening to my interview on Close Talk Radio.