3 Sneaky Psychological Ideas | Boost Your Winter Mood

There is nothing more exciting than the first snow fall of the season.  Especially in the North East where summer temps reach over 100 degrees with very high humidity, the first chill in the air is a welcome occurrence. In November and December we have the Holidays to look forward to. Families gather together, and [...]

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Porcupines Teach Us Balance in Relationships

Porcupines Teach Us Balance in Relationships Aren’t porcupines cute? What is it that we can learn from them? One of the things that porcupines can alert us to is that relationships are a complicated balancing act between closeness and distance. And it doesn't matter if we mean a love relationship, or a close friendship. Each must [...]

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Truth / Reveal Yourself on Valentine’s Day

Truth / Reveal Yourself on Valentine's Day Questions, Questions Questions Have you ever wondered just how well you know the people in your life, and just how well they know you? Emotional intimacy is about letting down the walls and letting ourselves be known. And letting ourselves be known is about the ability to share [...]

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The Change You Hope to Produce Personally

The Change You Hope to Produce Personally There are times in life when we want a different outcome. However, we keep plodding along doing the same thing over and over again – like the movie Groundhog Day - we wake up to the same routine.  Yet, while doing the same things, we wish and hope [...]

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