Keeping Life Balanced – Questions You Need to Ask

  Keeping  Life  Balanced – Questions You Need to Ask Do you sometimes feel that your life is out of balance? Too much or too little of a good thing can be harmful. How do you know when things are out-of-whack? You might feel grumpy, lonely, too busy, or bored. You might realize that you [...]

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Tips to Help You Tighten Your Personal Boundaries

  Tips to Help You Tighten Your Personal Boundaries Just like a fence around our property, personal boundaries establish where we end and another person starts.  Boundaries are the physical, emotional and mental borders we build to safeguard ourselves from  being manipulated, used, or infringed by others. They allow us to establish our limits as [...]

How to Shatter the Illusion – I Want Everyone to Like Me – Life Tool Box

How to  Shatter the  Illusion -  I Want Everyone to Like Me - Life Tool Box Being rejected can feel awful Instinctively, you want to feel like you belong somewhere and rejection flies in the face of that desire. So when you feel unliked, even by someone you hardly know, it can cut directly into [...]

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7 Step Problem Solving Formula

  Problem Solving Formula There is a simple seven step formula for systematic problem solving. By solving problems in an orderly way, you can dramatically increase satisfaction with solutions. We all encounter bumps in the road that sometimes feel like roadblocks. It is easy to become so overwhelmed that we avoid thinking about our challenges [...]

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