How You Talk to Yourself | Self-Communication | Wellness Inventory

We all have ongoing dialogues with ourselves – all the time, all day long. Most often we do it without even realizing that we are doing it. What is the tone that you use with yourself? Are you your own “BFF” and are kind, encouraging and loving with yourself? Or are you harsh, critical and [...]

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How You Communicate | Communication for Connection | Wellness Inventory

  Communication involves the organization of feeling and thinking energies and transforming them into messages. It is a key component of the wellness inventory. Communicating is an energy output that allows us to share our internal experiences of reality with others. And I know that's a really deep thought - so just take a second [...]

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Work and Play Balance to Achieve Wellness

You’ve heard the proverb “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Maybe the proverb should be rewritten “All work and no play makes Jack an unhealthy boy.” And – yes – we have all heard the importance of life work balance. The key word in that concept is balance. Achieving a level [...]

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Mind Over Matter | Don’t Worry Be Happy | Wellness Inventory

  "Thinking creates our internal experience of reality." In other words, with our thoughts we shape our reality. We perceive the world (i.e. the man is in a wheelchair) but we make sense of it with our thoughts (i.e. the man is unable to walk.) Our thoughts is how we bring meaning to what we [...]

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How Does It Feel | Wellness Inventory

Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed?  Years ago that expression meant that the person was grouchy, irritable or in a bad mood. People can tell if you are in a bad mood. We communicate our emotions to others and they are able to tell what kind of a mood we're [...]

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