Taking Self-Responsibility Seriously | Love and Acceptance | Dimensions of Wellbeing

Self-Responsibility and love are the foundation and context of wellness. They are the seeds from which all other wellness dimensions sprout. Before we go any further, think about those two statements for a minute. What does it mean to love yourself and take responsibility for caring for yourself? Continuing with the series of blogs on [...]

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Are You Living The Dream?

Someone I know ends every conversation with the statement, “Living the Dream.” He says this with a tinge of sarcasm and with his tongue in his cheek. But it started me thinking about the deeper meaning of that statement. Are you “living the dream"? To be able to answer that question with a resounding “yes” [...]

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Learn How to Say No and Not Feel Guilty

Recently a friend told me about the stiletto mark on her forehead. What? Come again? I was going to call this blog How to Establish Your Stiletto Boundaries, but I wasn’t sure – just like when my friend first told me about this concept – that it would make sense to you. She was sharing [...]

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What Coping Skills Do You Have in Your Emotional Toolbox?

What Coping Skills Do You Have in Your Emotional Toolbox? Over the past few weeks we have been assembling an Emotional Toolbox of Coping Skills. Hopefully you have been able to gather useful coping skills that you can use each and every day. We’ve been using common everyday tools to remind us how to deal with [...]

Be Self Aware – Get a Grip on Who You Are

Be Self Aware - Get a Grip on Who You Are Wherever you go, there you are. It’s pretty hard to run away from anything you don’t like about yourself. Try as you may, the truth keeps coming back and staring you right in the eyes. Let’s face it, everyone has some parts of themselves [...]

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Managing Unexpected Events Through Emotion, Logic and Action

Have you heard the expression “that threw a wrench into my plans”? Apparently the expression began when factory workers threw a wrench into machinery to stop it from working when they needed a break. We have now adopted the phrase to mean that  an unexpected event prevents a plan or activity from succeeding. When something [...]

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Stick to Three Daily Routines That Can Hold Your Life Together

Routines can be what hold our life together. Many of us might resist the idea of routine because it seems boring to do the same thing day in and day out, however routine can add stability and predictability to our life. **************************************************************************************************************************************** Through this series of blog posts I am going to help you to [...]

Set Goals the Right Way and Measure Your Success

A really good carpenter doesn’t just eyeball their project and start sawing. They use a measuring tape to get the length and width down to the millimeter. “Measure twice, cut once” is a common phrase associated with woodworking projects. The extra time it takes to carefully measure your materials and double-check your plans will ensure [...]

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Tips for Cutting Negativity from Your Life

Tips for Cutting Negativity from Your Life A healthy person has to trim some things out of their life at times. Think about the attitude you want to have in your life. More than likely, you’d like to be a happy person who enjoys daily living. It’s important to make that a conscious decision, but [...]

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