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Health & Wellbeing Through Better Breathing | Wellbeing Assessment

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."  A Danish freediver, Stig Severinsen, managed to hold his breath for 22 minutes in 2012, setting a world record that has yet to be beaten. How long do you think you could hold your breath [...]

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The Importance of Energy & Vitality | Energy Flow | Well-Being Assessment

The word vitality makes us think “spunk,”  “get up and go,” it is the kernel of energy for life. Do you feel that spark in your life? Since I've decided to devote a series of blogs to Wellness this post will focus on our energy systems - so make sure you check into my previous blog to [...]

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How to Be More Powerful | 7 Leadership Power and Influence Strategies

If we look up  the definition of the word power it says, “the ability to act or produce an effect.” Organizations, especially in the advent of social media,  have long provided theories about the source of power. Why do we do what others tell us to do? Why do some people attract a loyal tribe of [...]

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Are You In Control | Stop Blaming Yourself

  How much control do you believe you have over what happens in your life? Can you control the outcome of events?  Do you believe that your fate is determined by the shifting winds, or do you believe that you have the ability to impact your world? Hopefully, you can see the difference there -- [...]

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How Did You Sleep | All-Natural Sleep Solutions

  How did you sleep last night? Many people all over the world answer that question by saying, “Not that well.” Others say, "Not long enough," or “All I did was toss and turn.” Likewise, if you go into a break room at work and ask, "How are you?" most people will reply, "I'm tired," and [...]

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Forever 21 | How Society Perceives Aging

  Yesterday, I started a conversation with my 33 year old marketing manager about age and the undercurrent of how society felt about aging. These are the secret thoughts and perceptions about ageism we all have but usually don't speak about. What started me thinking about this topic was seeing stores like “Forever 21” in [...]

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Your Midlife Crisis: Fact or Fiction

  I am always on the lookout for research on midlife and the "crisis" they say is looming shortly thereafter. You might jokingly recognize what I'm referring to if you try to buy a birthday card for someone who is turning more than 40 years old. Over the hill, they read in big black letters. [...]

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Three Easy Mantras to Help You Stress Less

    Three Easy Mantras to Help You Stress Less When it comes to stressing less, everyone has an opinion about how you should handle it. From the time you were little, your mom probably handed down sage advice to, "make lemonade out of lemons." Many of those old saying or mantras may seem trite to [...]

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3 Sneaky Psychological Ideas | Boost Your Winter Mood

There is nothing more exciting than the first snow fall of the season.  Especially in the North East where summer temps reach over 100 degrees with very high humidity, the first chill in the air is a welcome occurrence. In November and December we have the Holidays to look forward to. Families gather together, and [...]

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Porcupines Teach Us Balance in Relationships

Porcupines Teach Us Balance in Relationships Aren’t porcupines cute? What is it that we can learn from them? One of the things that porcupines can alert us to is that relationships are a complicated balancing act between closeness and distance. And it doesn't matter if we mean a love relationship, or a close friendship. Each must [...]

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