Breathing techniques for better wellbeing

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” 

A Danish freediver, Stig Severinsen, managed to hold his breath for 22 minutes in 2012, setting a world record that has yet to be beaten. How long do you think you could hold your breath underwater?

Oxygen is our most immediate need. It is, essentially, our fundamental exchange with the world around us. It sustains life, carrying out all of our vital organ functions with each inhale and exhale.

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Just Breathe

Did you know that a normal adult usually breathe about 12-20 times per minute. Over the course of a day, that adds up to 17,000-30,000 breaths per day. That is a lot of breaths. Here’s the kicker: as a natural function of life, we aren’t even aware of most of most of those breaths.

We are so unaware of the power of our breath that it’s easy to forget that it can also be used to influence our overall state of wellbeing:

  • Breathing can be a tool for self-regulation
  • It can become a rest button to relax us
  • It encourages us to “Let Go….” (mental release)
  • Generate energy as in fitness practices
  • Promote mindfulness of our surroundings

Powerful Internal Balance 

Our breath is a powerful way to regulate our internal balance. Our brain responds to the intake of oxygen and helps us to manage our fight or flight fear response through a small structure known as the amygdala.

You can learn more about it here:

A way to become more aware of your breathing, and begin to bring calmness to your internal system, is to buy a package of colored dots and place them throughout your home.

Every time you see one of those dots allow that to trigger yourself to take a breathing break. Simply stop what you’re doing to inhale and exhale deepening, allowing yourself to feel the breath entering your body.

If you want to explore further how breathing is connected to the whole person wellness, be sure to join me in my well-being assessment. (We also go much deeper into the use of breath for holistic health.)

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