Finding life's meaning

Finding the “Why” of Life as the Path to Wellness

Do you ever ask yourself – Why? Our busy lives leave little time for quiet reflection. If we do allow ourselves to sit back and look at the “big picture” of our lives, we may connect with a deeply-seated inner part of our selves that is the guardian of our dreams. 

We don’t often give this part a voice or the opportunity to be heard. This inner part is the one that holds our own answers to the fundamental human questions about the meaning of life. Yes – these are the deeply existential questions about what makes us who we are and what we want our life to mean.

Returning to the series of blogs on the wellness wheel,  this post will focus on “finding meaning,” on the wellness wheel. Although all the dimensions are interconnected and are an essential component of wellness, finding meaning, in my opinion, is the cornerstone of wellness.Wellness_Inventory-alone


Finding meaning is about finding your “Why.” It is about recognizing what is important to you, what you treasure, and finding your purpose.

All discussions about finding meaning in life ultimately chart a path back to Victor Frankl, who wrote Man’s Search for Meaning after his experiences in a concentration camp. His experiences led him to recognize that bringing meaning to life can overcome all obstacles – no matter how brutal.

Our meaning in life does not need to the grounded in such life-altering experiences, but is nevertheless equally as valuable and critical to our well-being.

From Frankl’s views of life came the recognition that many people experience a void and a vague discontent and emptiness.   If we don’t have a “Why”  in our lives, we can lose the will go on.

I know this is deep stuff, but stay with me.

Are you  aware of a gnawing inside of you that feels empty? Are you feeling a vacuum that needs to be filled with a path or a direction?


Connecting with that inner part that holds our dreams – our meaning  entails giving time and space for that part to emerge.

So sit with yourself and ask:

  • What in life is important to you – what do you value above all else?

  • What is it that you are good at doing – what can you contribute to the world?

  • If you had no limitations, what do you want accomplish?

  • What would you be excited to get out of bed for each morning?

  • What is holding you back?


These questions are ones that only you and your inner self can answer. So take the time to ask and take the time to listen.

Then give yourself permission to make it happen and allow yourself to live the dream that finds the meaning to your life. I find this topic very compelling, and I have actually devoted a previous blog to finding meaning and living the dream. Here is a method of taking action towards realizing your dream.

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