The word vitality makes us think “spunk,”  “get up and go,” it is the kernel of energy for life. Do you feel that spark in your life?

Since I’ve decided to devote a series of blogs to Wellness this post will focus on our energy systems – so make sure you check into my previous blog to get a better sense of what we’re discussing.

As we talked about before, John W. Travis, MD, MPH was the creator the first wellness center in the USA in 1975. Dr. Travis  was the  first  to conceive of a whole-person assessment which has evolved  into the  Wellness Program based on the Wellness Inventory.

Dr. Travis spoke about the Wellness Energy System and how we are an open energy system. He explained that an open system means that it takes in energy, transforms it, and then creates output. We are a dynamic system based on energy we take in. Every living thing around us survives on energy and our interaction with the world is based on an energy exchange.

Energy flow is not just what we eat, but how we interact, connect, and manifest the relationships around us — this is what makes it absolutely vital to our well-being.

Energy In = Energy Out 

Dr. Travis further explained that we have at least three main sources of energy input:

  • Oxygen
  • Food
  • Our Senses (sound, sight, touch, smell and taste)

We use these inputs and transform them as outputs to create a Complete Energy System. This complete energy system is the foundation of how we interact with the world around us. 

We take the energy sources in and use them to build our interactions. When is the last time that you heard someone say something that hurt you (sound)? Did it sap your of energy and deplete your sense of self? When was the last time that you felt the touch of a light kiss and did that communication give you a wonderful buoyancy of energy to keep going?

The balance between the input and the output becomes the intricate dance of life between ourselves and our world.

wellness energy system

Does Your Energy Flow?

The entire concept is also based on the idea of flow. Energy that comes into the body is transformed, and then flows out.  We are the catalyst for that transformation, which is why it is so important to ensure that our internal state of wellness is at its optimal functioning so that our output to the world is the best that it can be (aka self care rituals.)

energy flow

Are You Being Held Back by Blocked Energy?

The problem in our daily stressful life is that our input of energy can become blocked and prevent the effective flow of energy. This  leaves us feeling disconnected  from our world and not functioning at optimum vitality.

Think about the last time you were very busy. You had a pile of work to do, and you made a plan to get it done. You intended to get to the office early, work for 6 hours, and then take a half-day to clean the house and catch-up on laundry before picking up your child from daycare.

Instead, you got stuck in traffic for 45 minutes and just as you reached your desk, the daycare called to tell you your child was sick and you needed to pick them up. Your stress level (and your energy!) immediately changed and became blocked due to stress.

Energy blockage

 It is also important to recognize that sometimes the problem isn’t within us (such as poor decision making) but rather with the source of the energy input. This may be the people you surround yourself with and/or the type of job you have, such as an ER nurse who is exposed to trauma almost daily.

The foods you eat, or a family history of illness can sometimes dictate your external issues as well. Since the source of the poison is different for everyone, it’s important to be completely honest with yourself about potential well-being issues.

negative energy input

Does Your Energy Ebb or Flow?

Do you know your own Energy System? Can you recognize your own Flow of Energy? Are the inputs and outputs in your life optimized to create the highest level of wellness and vitality?

We’ve given you a few examples above of what might be causing the blocks in your energy. However, if you don’t think you can recognize the problem, it might be time to dig a bit deeper, right?

Until you pinpoint and change the situation, you will not be able to further expand on your own personal well-being, either. You might feel so down in the dumps (or like a treadmill walker stuck in a routine) that you will turn-off good things from coming into your life.

Want to dig in deeper together?

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